Various – Time Capsule (Second 808 Box)


Year: 2015
Catnumber: FR008
A1 Patronen– Embolie
A2 Patronen– Wichtiges
A3 Cygnus (5)– There Are Other Worlds
B1 Penélope Martín*– QV66
B2 Heinrich Dressel– Wet Leipzig
B3 Koova– Denial Of Service
C1 Cygnus (5)– Make The Brain Relax
C2 CPU (4)– Cyborg
C3 CPU (4)– ISS
D1 Teslasonic– Pyromagneto
D2 Obergman*– Philae
D3 CPU (4)– Human Device
E1 Alek Stark– Methane Rain (Extended Version)
E2 Das Muster– Überhitzung
E3 Luke Eargoggle– Meaning Of Alpha
F1 -=UHU=-– Photones
F2 -=UHU=-– India Mind
F3 -=UHU=-– Base 808
G1 Transparent Sound– Freaks Frequency
G2 Plant43– Concentric Drift
G3 Digitizer– Colossus
H1 Umwelt– The Last Man On Earth
H2 MagikBitum– Hand Controlled
H3 Sync 24– Inner Fleet
I1 Arnold Steiner– We Who Are Young
I2 Vema | Diodes*– Bola De Crack
I3 Kmex– The Flies Are Spies
J1 Cygnus (5)– Reptilian Invaderz
J2 Noise&Noise– Deep Web 01
J3 Noise&Noise– Deep Web 02
J4 Noise&Noise– Deep Web 03
K1 Boris Divider– Fiber Optics
K2 Max Durante– Lost In Madrid
K3 Monobass– Mantidae
L1 Franck Kartell– 808
L2 Scape One– A Million Useful Things
L3 Hadamard– Upwelling
L4 Headnoaks– Hypermental Strobe
M1 Inform3r– New Life
M2 Jauzas The Shining– Sensual | V2
M3 Synth Alien– Saros
N1 Hadamard– Haze
N2 Tau Sagittarii– Colony Permit
N3 Tau Sagittarii– Passing Thought
N4 Tau Sagittarii– Not Just Visible
O1 Victoria Lukas– Nothing-But A Trace
O2 We Are The Hunters– UFO
O3 We Are The Hunters– OVNI
P Alek Stark– Diapause | P1
Q Alek Stark– Basic Variation A - Basic Rhythm (01 - 12) + Intro/Fill In (13 - 16)
R Alek Stark– Basic Variation B - Basic Rhythm (01 - 12) + Intro/Fill In (13 - 16)