E-Trax - Volume 2

Notice: https://flact.net/album/2892/e-trax-volume-2-1992

URL: https://www.discogs.com/E-Trax-Volume-2/release/1038319
Year: 1992
Catnumber: Dance Street – DST 1101-8, Technoland – DST 1101-8
1 Yo, Te Quiero
2 Housenotizer
3 Dominate Power
4 Acid Booster


Thanks for the upload

Why are my other requests being deleted ?

you're the spammer

So making valid requests is considered automatically being a "spammer", when the LIMIT is 4 requests per day, which I've not exceeded at all. Furthermore, Nanga - The A-Free-Ka Dream in your view is "not techno" thus makes me again automictically again a "spammer" when it is similar to Immaginazione - La Musica Del Futuro & M.B. (Maurizio Braccagni) - Megamix Maranza among many others. Please state where else I've spammed? And just because you don't regard that track as techno, hardly merits me being a spammer.